Ningbo ShunXingKaiHao Machinery Co., Ltd.
Mr. Cai Guangshun found Shunxing die spotting machine company in Xiashao industry zone. We began to invent and produce gantry type die spotting machine.
We successfully invented the 1st four-guide pillar type die spotting machine HMG-JM series domestically.
The four guide pillar type die spotting machine was produced in volume and sold in the market.
Prepared the resolutions of shareholders’ meeting and made decision to change company name as Ningbo ShunXingKaiHao(SXKH) Machinery Co., Ltd. , and registered HMG as brand of four guide pillar type die spotting machine.
May 2013
Cooperating with FAW, we handed over 2 largest 600 tons die spotting machine in China.(HMG-600JM & HMG500JM)
China Aerospace 528 tons die spotting machine called for bids, SXKH won the bidding by cutting-edge technology, superior quality and excellent service at the same time based on good fame and good reputation from the cooperation with FAW.
SXKH begins international market exploration and signs strategic cooperating plan with famous European, Indonesian, Indian, Thailand and South American electromechanical company. In the next 5 years, SXKH will be NO.1 brand in high precision grind closing
Set up SXKH Automation INDIA branch company in New Delhi, India. In the following year, SXKH India company not only provide sales and after-sales service, we will also send our India staff over world to provide global service. In the following year, India