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Injection Molding Machine-IMM Series

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Injection Machine(T) 50-4400 Magnetic Force/single Pole(T) 0.4
Dimension for one Pole(mm) 85 Maximum temperature 120
F1ux penetration(mm) 15-20 Voltage(V) 380v/440v,60Hz
Thickness of Platen(mm) 47 Ejector Hole Standard
Locating Ring Standard Controller Touch Screen
Temperature Sensor 1 Set Proximity Sensor 1 Set
Pole Seal Resin Plane    
*Can be customized according to customer requirement
Functional characteristics
IMM Series

EMG一QDC system consist of two standard magnetic plates.
85mm*85mm Square poles and resin sealing.
Designed for maximum temperature of 120°.
The thickness of platen is 47mm for each one .
These standard plates are available for machine size from Minimum 5OT until 4000T Injection Molding Machine.

Touch Screen Control

Accurate and reliable system.
Status of magnetizing for fixed and movable platens.
Status of the two proximity sensors.
Status of the system alarm.
Status of the two temperature sensors.
System automatically adapts to varying electric power conditions.
Interlock with Injection mold machine.

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