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  HMG-400ES HMG-500ES HMG-500ES-4030
Max. Clamping Force(KN) 4000 5000 5000
Max. Opening Force(KN) 1500 1600 1600
Max. Load Capacity on Upper Platen(Kg) 32,000 40,000 50,000
Max. Load Capacity on Lower Platen(Kg) 70,000 80,000 90,000
Platen Dimension(mm) 3500*2500 4000*2500 4000×3000
Distance Between Pillar(mm) 3900 4400 4400
Max. Daylight(mm) 3200 3200 3700
Min. Daylight(mm) 400 400 400
Overturn Degree for Upper Platen(°) 180 180 180
Stroke for ejector testing(Mm/KN) 300/120 300/120 300/120
Machine Dimension(mm) 10100*4900*9400 10100*4900*9600 11600*5400*10400
Total Weight(Kg) 132,000 153,000 180,000
Standard: One way
Optional Opposite Way

Die Spotting press is the most sure & safe way to check the butting of core & cavity of Die & Mould.

It allows you to conveniently match all the parts of the mould in more comfortable position. Check and finish the die at one place in more ergonomic position.

High standard of configuration ensures the excellent performance of press, and all the main components for mechanical processing are manufactured by imported machining center, to ensure machining precision of press elements. The shift-out rail of lower mold plate adopts wear resistant rail with intensified handle and large-scale dust-proof device; Hydraulic system adopts optimal combination of imported high performance hydraulic elements, and oil pump hydraulic valve is the world first-class brand.

The advancements and advantages

CE Marked product with Certificate of Conformity.

Using high tensile rod to provide higher accuracy and to make more convenient for platen parallelism adjustment when the mold is closed with high pressure.

Achieving digital PLC controlled by computer, all of the parameters can be displayed by the Siemens touch screen and free to set up. S7-1200 Version with Encoders as a standard component for ESA Series.

Four Encoders with optional function to measure parallelism real time and protect mold during the clamping period.

Sufficient Safety Devices and Pneumatic-mechanical locks for upper table.

Using four mold clamping cylinders to make stress even when the mold is closed with high pressure.

Using quick cylinder device, it speeds up null stroke without mold closing, and it makes lower energy consumption and more energy conservation.

Using Anti-dropping, safety devices with suspension type to make your mold and machine safer.

Using Oil-free self-lubrication, it makes the machine cleaner and more environmentally friendly.

Providing practical reliable failure detection and alarm and low-pressure mold protection functions.


No more dangerous die / mould handling by means of cranes, forklift trucks or lifting equipment.

No more spotting on injection moulding machines, which are cost-intensive and difficult to access.

Optimal accessibility and ergonomics by means of swivelling and tilting plates.

Low operating and maintenance costs.

High Flexibility.

Considerable reduction of correction grinding through reproducibility.

Trials of hydraulic slides, auxiliary cylinders and ejectors can also be done in single operation.

NEW for ES Series
Siemens System: NEW for ES

SXKH was the first die spotting press manufacturer to use Siemens System inthe Asia.
We use new S7-1200Version as the standard configuration of the Press.New version replaces the old micro PLC S7-200 Smart.
With the new PLC:Remote Control module is optional,Control and monitor press,All the parameters can be settled and saved,Memory function-Mold database,A wide variety of signal modules for input and output as well as technology modules for special technological functions, such as counting,and communications modules are available both centrally or decentrally,The SIMATIC S7-1200 is approved for protection class Ip20.

Electronic Moving Base parallelism checking system(Optional)

There are four encoders at each corners of the moving base. The PLC screen shows the state of these four encoders working continuously. This means the parallelism between two platens can be monitored continuously. During the mold protection function, when the difference is more than the set tolerance, the machine will stop immediately. In other words, this function protects the mold from damage, when the worker leaves the tool between cavity and core of mold.

Servo System

Servo System provide more economy way to operate Spotting press, and provide much better accuracy.

Hydraulic Slides testing

Extra hydraulic power units could detect whether mould core-pulling unit and sliding block unit work normal or not at the same time of die assemble and mould repairing. The group of core-pulling can decided by customs.

Pneumatic-mechanical locks for moving base

Two Safety locks ensure the upper platen can be locked at any position when upper platen goes up or down. This Device is mandatory by EC rules.

QDC system-Optional

We will provide additional two way to reduce Mold Clamping time:
1.Electricity permanent Magnetic working table
2.Hydraulic clampers

Dynamic Checking device for Ejector.

It can be used to check whether the mould spring tips work normally or not.

Wax Injection Testing device (Optional)

Provide Wax testing before Mold move to production machine.


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