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SXKH leader team devoted themselves in R&D of die spotting press more than twenty years.The brand “jing mo jiang” is a national four guide post die style brand. Basis of long-term adherence in the strategy of “Creditability first, Quality first”, outstanding quality products and customer satisfaction are presented to you.
SINCE 2003

Die Spotting press

30 +

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200 +

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Die spotting press

Die Spotting Press is the most sure and safe way to check the butting of core & ...

Mould Flipper

We have two type of mold flippers – 90 degree turn Table and 180 degree mo...

Mold Inspection Machine

How have you maintained the molds in your injection molding plant? By the conser...

Hydraulic Clamps for IMM

Quick Mould change saves time and manpower -Create Safe Working

Die spotting press One -way version

High standard of configuration ensures the excellent performance of machine, and...

Trimming Machine

Air-Driven hydraulic pump unit. This is oil supply system of the whole QDCS, whi...

Magnetic Platen For CNC machine

Safety: Magnetic force remain absolutely constant in case of power-off…

Magnetic Platen For IMM

Quick Mould change saves time and manpower -Create Safe Working 

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